Impure skin: The best tips, tricks and home remedies for impure skin

Unreine Haut: Die besten Tipps, Tricks & Hausmittel gegen unreine Haut

Impure skin is a companion of many people in everyday life. It is usually triggered by an overproduction of sebum, but can also be hereditary or triggered by medication.

This article summarizes the causes, treatment options and scientific background of impure skin. In doing so, we take neutral reporting into account and examine the topic from all sides.

the essentials in brief

  • There are four different skin types. These range from normal skin to oily and dry skin to combination skin.
  • Blemishes have different triggers. Both medications and hormones or genetics can affect the purity of the skin.
  • There is no one perfect cleaning method. Depending on the skin type and sensitivity of the skin, some care products are more suitable than others.

Definition: What is impure skin?

Impure skin is generally referred to as skin that is contaminated due to disease, dirt or other reasons. The most well-known symptoms of impure skin include pimples, pustules and blackheads.

Blemishes can appear on many different parts of the body. Frequently affected areas are the face, back and décolleté. For many people, imperfections are an aesthetic problem.

In principle, however, there is no need to worry if pimples or the like appear. However, it can be advisable to consult a doctor in the case of long-lasting and extensive impure skin, as well as high levels of suffering.

Background: What you should know about skin imperfections

Impure skin can occur for many reasons. In the following section we will go into various reasons, tools and helpful techniques.

Why does skin get blemished at all?

When your skin develops pimples, blackheads, or acne, it can be due to a variety of triggers. As a rule, hormone-related diseases, excessive sebum production or the use of certain medications are the triggers for impure skin.

  1. Disorders: Disorders can be divided into two categories. On the one hand there are hormone-related illnesses, on the other hand illnesses can be caused by hereditary factors. Acne is a hormone-related disease, which is primarily influenced by the hormone testosterone. During puberty, a lot of testosterone is released, which then ensures increased skin fat production.
  2. Excessive sebum production: Blackheads are primarily caused by excessive sebum production. The duct of the sebaceous follicle is blocked. Conversely, no more sebum can escape. A plug forms, which turns dark at the top because the skin pigment melanin reacts with the air.
  3. Medicines: In addition to the factors already mentioned, there are also a large number of medicines that can influence or worsen the appearance of the skin. For example, glucocorticoids used in autoimmune diseases or androgens, anabolic steroids, psychotropic drugs and neuroleptics are drugs that can increase the formation of skin blemishes.
Woman strokes her face and looks into the camera

Everyone has their own skin type. It is important to know your skin type in order to find the right care. (Image source: Pixabay / ivanovgood)

How can I clean impure skin?

There are many treatment options for cleaning impure skin. On the one hand, there are home remedies that can improve the complexion. On the other hand, there are a large number of manufacturers who offer care products for impure skin.

Home remedies that can be used range from salt water to vegetable oils to steam therapy. The advantage of home remedies is that the cost is low and many of the remedies that can be used can already be found in homes. There are also some remedies like coconut oil that have been shown to help with dry skin. (1)

The care products have been specially developed for certain diseases and skin types. It is therefore very easy to find an individually suitable product. The disadvantage is the comparatively high acquisition costs.

How often should I clean impure skin?

When it comes to regular skin cleansing, there are a few things to consider. Impure skin should always be cleaned. If this does not happen, it is more difficult for the body to clear the clogged ducts.

Nevertheless, you should not clean your skin too often and intensively. This can also irritate the skin and cause problems. For example, if hands are washed too often, infections and bacteria can spread much more easily and affect people. (2)

Which parts of the body become impure particularly quickly?

Oily parts of the body are particularly affected by impure skin. The body part does not necessarily play a role. Despite everything, there are some parts of the body that are generally more susceptible to skin impurities.

Impure skin often occurs in the following areas:

  • Face: The face is a very commonly affected area. The T-zone in particular tends to produce a lot of fat and thus an impure complexion. The T-zone is made up of the forehead, nose and chin.
  • Scalp: When people talk about oily hair, they often mean the scalp. The overproduction of sebum makes hair greasy and a breeding ground for pimples.
  • Body: Impure skin occurs on the body, especially on the chest, upper arms and shoulders. The legs and buttocks are also often affected because a lot of sebum forms here.
  • Back: The last part of the body that is often affected by pimples and blackheads is the back. The high fat production can cause inflammation and pimples in the skin.

What should I watch out for with impure skin?

If you have blemished skin, it stands to reason that you want to end this condition. There are a few points to consider and with the help of which your skin can be cleared faster.

Too intensive cleaning can worsen the complexion.

The skin cleansing process can be supported with the help of care products. Home remedies can also clean the clogged ducts and skin areas that produce a lot of fat. You should also be careful not to clean your skin too intensively and often, as diseases can be transmitted more easily and the complexion can suffer. (3)

Another point that should not be ignored when cleaning the skin is the quality of life. In a study with 1840 participants, care and cleaning measures were taken to improve the complexion. Overall, these measures ensured a significantly higher "Quality of Life" among the participants. Therefore, good skin care can also contribute to an improved mood. (4)

What is the best way to clean my face?

When cleaning the face, as with all other parts of the body, care should be taken to minimize the fat content. It is therefore advisable to use water-based products. Creams and cosmetics containing fat or oil promote constipation of the skin and therefore ensure more impure skin.

Another trick is to use products with fruit acids, salicylic acid or lactic acid, as these substances usually have a positive effect on the complexion. (5)

Another point to consider is towel choice. There are towels that can cause irritation when drying the face intensively. In addition, it is important to change the towel used regularly, as a lot of dirt and bacteria are deposited in the towel after cleaning.

Clean skin: The best tips & tricks for clean and healthy skin

We have all experienced that the skin becomes impure. Most of the time, the spots are not large or conspicuous, but many people regularly suffer from the aesthetic deficiency. It is therefore important to know exactly how and with what the impure skin can best be cleaned.

In the following section, both cleaning with care products and cleaning with household products are presented. Both have individual advantages and disadvantages that are pointed out.

Clean impure skin with care products

The care of impure skin depends primarily on the personal skin type. There are four different skin types. All types with their special features are listed in the following table.

skin type Characteristics
Normal skin Fine pores, smooth and even, very few imperfections
Dry skin Fine pores, Brittle and cracked, Itching
Oily skin Large pores, Oily shine, Sallow
combination skin Large pores, oily shine, dry cheeks

In order to take active action against impure skin, it is necessary to apply regular and thorough care. The goal is to keep the pores clear so they don't get clogged.

Oily skin is best treated with foaming cleansing mousse or gel. These products have a clarifying effect and are recommended as "oil-free" or "antiseptic".

Dry skin is best cleaned with moisturizing cleansing milk. When washing you should use lukewarm water, as this is gentle on the skin.

No special care product is recommended for people with normal skin. In principle, you can use any product, but you should be careful not to use any highly greasy products.

Combination skin is best cared for and cleaned with products that provide a lot of moisture and have a low fat content. Facial tonics and peelings should only be used in the T-zone.

Clean impure skin with home remedies

Care products are tailored to individual skin types and individual needs, but simple skin cleansing can also be done at home and for little money.

Two of these home remedies are presented in the following sections. On the one hand a cleaning with salt water and on the other hand with vegetable oil is presented.

salt water

Because of its disinfecting effect, salt water is ideal for removing impurities such as pimples and blackheads. This also combats clogged pores. The so-called brine solution can be easily prepared yourself in three steps:

  1. Salt: First you choose a salt for your brine solution. Sea salt or Dead Sea salt is particularly recommended here.
  2. Mixing: In the second step, salt and water are mixed until all the crystals have completely dissolved.
  3. Application: In the last step, you can apply the solution to your face using a make-up removal pad. You can then rinse off the solution with warm water.

Vegetable oil

With the help of vegetable oils, a peeling can be easily made. The peeling should be used a maximum of twice a week and, for sensitive skin, a maximum of two times a month.

  1. Choose oil: First you choose a vegetable oil of your choice. For example, olive oil is suitable.
  2. Mixing: Then you mix the oil with sugar or salt. It is important to mix the crystals well in the oil.
  3. Application: In the last step you apply the peeling and spread it over your face. The advantage is that the scrub can also be used on the lips.


In conclusion, it can be said that impure skin is something completely normal, which can be triggered by a wide variety of factors. It is important to cleanse blemished skin, otherwise further blemishes can form and the skin has fewer opportunities to recover.

Nevertheless, it is important to use care in moderation, otherwise the skin will be over-irritated and the risk of infection increases. Both care products and home remedies can be used for care. So if you want to have clean and healthy skin, you don't necessarily have to dig deep into your pocket.


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