Algae Oil: A Good Plant-Based Alternative?

Algenöl: Eine gute pflanzliche Alternative?

Omega 3 is one of the most important substances that our body needs but cannot produce itself. Above all, it helps to regulate blood pressure and supports heart function. Algae oil offers precisely this important substance that we can otherwise only absorb from animals such as salmon.

In this article we would like to explain to you how important omega 3 is and whether algae oil is a good alternative to conventional food. We will also explain to you what tasks the algae oil or omega 3 performs in your body.

the essentials in brief

  • Omega 3 fatty acids are healthy and essential for us humans. They lower blood pressure, have an anti-inflammatory effect and have a positive influence on the flow properties of the blood.
  • Algae oil serves as a vegetable alternative to fish and fish oil with its valuable omega 3 fatty acids, is 100% free of animal ingredients and is just as effective.
  • Algae oil is harmless to the human body and no side effects can be detected even with an overdose.

Background: what is algae oil and what is it used for?

In our guide we give you an overview of the topic of algae oil and omega 3 fatty acids and provide you with important information.

What is algae oil and what is it composed of?

Algae oil is an oil that can be extracted directly from the algae. The oil contains omega 3 fatty acids, more precisely docosahexaenoic acid (dha) which makes up about 97% of the omega 3 fats in the brain, as well as important

What are the tasks of the omega 3 in algae oil in our body?

The omega 3 in algae oil supports the body in various tasks. It is important to consume a certain number of milligrams per day, similar to magnesium (4). In the following we have compiled the most important tasks that the algae oil should take over in our body.

organ Task
Eye maintenance of normal vision
blood regulate blood pressure
Brain Supporting normal brain functions
Heart support of heart function

The supply of our organs is essential for a carefree life. It is therefore important to ensure that you consume enough of important substances such as omega 3.

How is algae oil made?

For the production of algae oil, the algae are stored in artificial seawater to ensure that the natural conditions are maintained. Crude oil is extracted from the algae using a centrifuge. The algae oil is produced in an oxygen-free processing environment so that no pollutants get into the extracted oil.

What does algae oil do?

The algal oil extracted from the algae with its important fatty acids is important for our health(5). For example, it ensures that some of our most central organic processes can run normally.

One of the most important functions of the omega 3 fatty acids is the maintenance of normal brain functions and our normal vision. In this way, the eye and our brain are enriched with omega 3 fatty acids. It also supports our immune system in a similar way to a Vital Shield.

How is algae oil used correctly?

In general, the algae oil can be taken at any time of the day. Many users take it first thing in the morning because it makes them feel fitter. The algae oil should be taken shortly before, during or after a meal.

algae oil

Algal oil comes in a variety of forms and is available from a variety of brands. (Image source: unsplash / Angel Sinigersky)

The algae oil can also be stirred into "normal" food. The only thing to be aware of is that belching may occur after consumption. This can be prevented by drinking enough liquid after eating.

Who should take algae oil?

The important omega 3 fatty acid is not produced by the human body itself. Anyone who does not eat fish is missing this important substance. Algae oil is an ideal solution for vegans or vegetarians who would otherwise have to do without it completely.

Of course, the omega 3 contained in algae oil is also suitable for anyone else who wants to fill up their household with this valuable substance and does not eat fish 2-3 times a week.

How and how often should I take algae oil?

It is recommended for adults to consume at least 250 mg of the important omega 3 fats. Since every body processes these substances differently, it is difficult to make a general recommendation.

Adequate omega 3 intake is particularly important for young people who are growing up, as they tend to eat nutrient-poor foods(5).


For those who do not like to eat fish or even do without it completely, algae oil with its important ingredients for the body is a good nutritional supplement. The omega 3 fatty acids take on important tasks for our brain or our eyes, for example. The substances in algae oil are also good and important for our heart rate , because they regulate blood pressure in the body.

Unfortunately, our body is not able to produce the important and valuable omega 3 substances itself. However, this can be compensated for by taking algae oil. The algae oil is in no way harmful and should be used frequently to cover the daily requirement of omega 3 fats.


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