How healthy are apples: the most important questions and answers

Wie gesund sind Äpfel: Die wichtigsten Fragen und Antworten

Even as a child you are taught that fruits and vegetables are very healthy and also important for us. Apples in particular are in the limelight here, as they are cheap, compact and supposedly healthy all-rounders.

In this article we will explain to you how healthy apples really are and answer all the important and frequently asked questions on the topic: How healthy are apples?

the essentials in brief

  • Apples offer you and your body many good and healthy substances. They contain vitamins, fiber, antioxidants and flavonoids, among other things. The skin of an apple contains additional healthy vitamins and fiber, among other things. Despite allergies, allergy sufferers can also benefit from old apple varieties, as symptoms are less common with these apples.
  • However, you should not overdo it with apple consumption, too many apples are unhealthy, your body can produce between 25 and 80 grams of fructose every day, you should try to stay within this value if possible.
  • Apples are also healthy for dogs, and they can help your dog with stomach and intestinal problems in particular. As a small treat after eating, apples can also help your dog clean their teeth.

How healthy are apples: What you should know

It is important that we pay attention to a healthy diet. Varied, with valuable nutrients and ideally it should also taste good. The apple contains many important substances, helps us with digestion, can keep our body healthy and also tastes delicious.

When and for whom is it worth eating apples regularly?

Apples are generally healthy for everyone. They are cheap and all apple varieties are healthy for you and your body. Depending on your taste, there are different types of apples, some are a little sweeter and there are even some that are a little bitter, but all types are healthy.

Apples can also be healthy helpers in some diets. Since they have a filling effect, it is often good to eat an apple before lunch to reduce hunger and the many vitamins they contain, among other things, give your immune system strength and keep you healthy (1).

Woman holds several apples

Apples as a snack in between can not only fill you up, they also give you energy and valuable nutrients. (Image source: Aaron Blanco Tejedor / Unsplash)

There are over 100 million bacteria in an apple(2), which sounds daunting at first, but these are healthy bacteria that can help cleanse the gut.

However, there are some people who are allergic to apples. This allergy does not occur too often, but there are also apple varieties which are healthy and edible even for people with apple allergies.

Which apple varieties are also compatible with allergy sufferers?

Allergy sufferers should avoid the normal supermarket apple. "Modern" apples are often crossed very often, while old apple varieties are still very natural.

Different kinds of apples

There are many different types of apples. The older apple varieties are the most natural and are actually suitable for allergy sufferers. (Image source: Maria Godfrida / Pixabay)

These apple varieties are recommended for allergy sufferers:

  • winter gold parmane
  • Altländer pancake apple
  • White clear apple
  • Berlepsch, Gravensteiner
  • Red boskoop
  • Jonathan
  • Landsberger Renette
  • Minister von Hammerstein
  • Beautiful from Boskoop

Surveys of allergy sufferers have shown that when eating historical apple varieties, symptoms occur much less frequently than with conventional supermarket varieties.

Is an apple healthy without the skin?

The skin of the apple is actually a vitamin bomb (3.4">, but an apple without the skin, with 6.4 milligrams of vitamin C, is still very vitamin-rich and healthy. The big difference here, however, lies in the fiber.

Apple without peel

The skin of the apple is filled with many valuable substances, but an apple without the skin is also healthy. (Image source: Maria Petersson / Unsplash)

With the skin on, an apple contains 4.4 grams of dietary fiber; without the skin, this content drops sharply to 2.1 grams.

What are the healthiest apple varieties?

There are different apple varieties with their own superpowers (5,6,7,8">. In the following table we have listed the healthiest apple varieties for you, with their special properties and a brief description:

apple variety Description
Jonagold apple The Jonagold apple has the highest content of flavonoids, the highest antioxidant potential and is therefore known as the healthiest apple for a reason. Due to its flavonoid content and antioxidant potential, the Jonagold apple can neutralize aggressive substances and can thus protect against cancer and heart attacks.
Red Delicious apple The Red Delicious apple has become known for its high procyanidin content of around 207.7 milligrams per apple and is very healthy. Procyanidin prevents the buildup of platelets, which constrict blood vessels and disrupt blood flow. Thus, the Red Delicious apple can act like a vessel cleaner.
Granny Smith apple The Granny Smith apple has many valuable and healthy substances and it has enormous amounts of them, such as potassium, vitamin C and magnesium. 100 grams of a Granny Smith apple has the same effect as 400 milligrams of pure vitamin C.
Gala apple The Gala apple is small, tastes sweet, is healthy and can protect against flu thanks to its flavonoids. Flavonoids protect body cells from damage that increases the risk of cancer and reduce the growth of viruses and bacteria.

These apple varieties can therefore be helpful in many areas and should not be underestimated.

The vitamin C content of the Jonagold apple is at its highest during the harvest season in October, but after long storage it loses up to 50 percent of the vitamin C content.

Why shouldn't you eat apples in the evening?

The fructose in the apple provides quick energy, which you can use on an evening walk.

In principle, it doesn't matter whether you eat apples in the morning, at noon or in the evening, it's always healthy. However, eating apples before bed can cause heartburn due to their acidity. So if you eat an apple in the evening, don't lie down straight away, but go for an additional healthy walk to help your body with digestion.

Are apples good for the heart?

Apples contain many healthy antioxidants, so they prevent, among other things, the breakdown of cholesterol. Cholesterol causes hardening of the arteries(9), so by regularly eating apples with their skin on, you can do your heart a favor (5,6,8">.

Is It Harmful to Eat Too Many Apples?

Despite the many health benefits that apples can bring you, the same applies to apples that you should not overdo it. A healthy human body can metabolize an average of 25 to 80 grams of fructose daily. So if you eat too many apples every day, this can even have consequences such as fatty liver.

However, 25 grams of fructose is not really a lot, because with three apples you already get about 27 grams of fructose.

Are apples healthy for dogs too?

Apples are also a healthy treat for your dog (10). When eaten, apples bind toxins from the stomach and intestines, even in dogs. If you notice constipation or diarrhea in your dog, simply puree an apple and mix it with the food, this should help him.

two dogs are biting the pumpkin

Dogs love apples and you don't have to feel bad about giving your dog a piece of apple as a treat, it's actually good for them. (Image Source: Elena Rogulina / Pixabay)

Apples can also be extremely helpful for your dog's teeth. After eating a piece of apple as a healthy dessert for your faithful companion, this perfectly and tasty cleans his teeth.


A healthy and varied diet is important for all of us. You learned here that apples are beneficial for a healthy diet and can help you in many areas. Of course, as with everything in life, you shouldn't overdo it with the daily number of apples.

Apples are compact, cheap, there are different types of apples with different tastes, they are healthy for humans and dogs and there are even types of apples that are also compatible with apple allergy sufferers. So you have no reason not to bite an apple.


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