Pumpkin seeds: They really are that healthy!

Kürbiskerne: So gesund sind sie wirklich!

Although pumpkin seeds are often underestimated, they turn out to be a true superfood! Since they are rich in many important vitamins and minerals, they not only have a positive effect on the body but also on the mind.

In this article we will tell you why pumpkin seeds are said to be so healthy, what nutrients they contain and what pumpkin seeds can be used for. Scientific studies were analyzed and summarized here.

the essentials in brief

  • Pumpkin seeds contain many important nutrients. Among other things, they are also rich in minerals, fatty acids and fiber.
  • Pumpkin seeds also have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, the prostate and blood sugar levels.
  • Pumpkin seeds can also have a positive effect on a man's potency and a woman's menopause.

Pumpkin seeds: they really are that healthy - what you should know

Pumpkin seeds often end up in the trash because you only want to use the valuable pulp when cooking. What one forgets or in many cases does not know is that the pumpkin seeds are small miracle seeds.

Many people today are looking for quick, healthy food and often turn to dietary supplements or dietary supplements . These should be rich in vitamins and other valuable ingredients. To make your search a little easier, we have the superfood here, almost from our front door: pumpkin seeds!

Why are pumpkin seeds healthy?

Pumpkin seeds are packed with nutrients, including antioxidants and minerals. Antioxidants can fight against stress and thus have a positive effect on the immune and cardiovascular systems. The high proportion of minerals can also stimulate the promotion of connective tissue and bone formation. (1)

Pumpkin seeds contain many nutrients that are important for your body.

But other nutrients are also contained in the small miracle seeds. With their wide range, they cover some important areas in the body and can actively promote the health of the body.

Kernels or seeds are often used in the field of health food and are a key ingredient in most diet plans. In addition to chia seeds, flaxseeds and sunflower seeds, the pumpkin seed should not be missing.

What nutrients are in pumpkin seeds?

Pumpkin seeds are rich in many important nutrients that the body needs for a healthy diet. Among other things:

nutrient Effect
protein The well-known proteins are particularly important for muscle building and the immune system.(2) With a handful of pumpkin seeds, the requirement is almost covered.
fatty acids In order to strengthen the outer skin layer, linoleic acids are essential. These can also be found in pumpkin seeds.
vitamins Vitamins are particularly important for the human body. Pumpkin seeds are rich in B1-3, B6, E and provitamin A. All important for the immune system, vision and fertility.
minerals Rich in manganese, iron, copper, phosphorus and magnesium.(3) They support bone formation, oxygen transport and brain function.
antioxidants Antioxidants, not only helpful against stress, but also beneficial for neutralizing cell damage.
fiber Fiber can improve digestion and often serves as a bulking agent. Pumpkin seeds, with plenty of water, can promote intestinal peristalsis.

With only a few calories but rich nutritional value, the small seeds are quite a nice superfood and can cover a large area of ​​the body.

Why are pumpkin seeds healthy for women?

Pumpkin seeds are also rich in phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are natural plant compounds that closely resemble the structure of estrogens in the body. They can both block and activate the estrogen receptors and thus serve as an ideal remedy during a woman's menopause.

During or even before menopause, hormone production is reduced and in most cases severe side effects can occur. It's also common for estrogen levels to get very low, and that's where pumpkin seed oil is supposed to help.

older daughter and mother

No matter what age, as a woman you should always be able to feel comfortable. Pumpkin seeds should work wonders, especially during menopause. (Image Source: Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels)

According to studies, a higher cholesterol value was measured in women who consumed pumpkin seed oil, which has the same ingredients as pumpkin seeds, during menopause. In addition, standard symptoms such as headaches, nausea and hot flashes were perceived only weakly. (4)

Why are pumpkin seeds healthy for men?

The use of pumpkin seeds for prostate problems has been a well-known, recommended home remedy for a long time. In particular, a significant relationship was found between cell growth of prostate cancer cells and pumpkin seeds. According to the study, the increase in pumpkin seeds slows down cell development and inhibits it by 40-50%. (5)

In addition, pumpkin seeds contain a lot of zinc. Since the testicles contain the largest amount of zinc in the male body, few studies have shown that pumpkin seeds can stimulate male potency. This has not yet been scientifically confirmed with certainty, but it is suspected that foods rich in zinc can increase testosterone levels. (6)

What Are the Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds?

  • Pumpkin seeds against cancer: Pumpkin seeds are said to have an inhibitory effect against cancer. According to the study, it was found that they slow down cell growth and can thus counteract the effects of cancer. (7,8,9)
  • Pumpkin seeds for the heart: Pumpkin seeds are also said to have effects on a healthy heart. The lignans contained in it should be responsible for this, with which cardiovascular disease can be prevented. (10)
  • Pumpkin seeds against insomnia: Pumpkin seeds also contain a lot of tryptophan. This in turn is responsible for the production of melatonin, which we humans need to sleep. Therefore, if you have trouble sleeping, you can add a handful of pumpkin seeds to dinner.
  • Pumpkin seeds for the bladder: In the bladder and prostate area, the effects and benefits of pumpkin seeds have been known for decades. Pumpkin seeds or pumpkin seed oil are particularly effective in reducing prostate enlargement. Because the side effects, such as the urge to urinate, can also be reduced.

Can you lose weight healthily with pumpkin seeds?

Pumpkin seeds offer a very healthy change from the usual superseeds such as chia seeds or flaxseeds. Because they also contain tryptophan, which is responsible, among other things, for the production of our happiness hormone serotonin. If a food is rich in tryptophan, then cravings can be prevented and a balanced diet can be ensured.

To eat healthy food

Eating healthy with chia seeds or flax seeds is very trendy right now. We must not forget about pumpkin seeds, then they should be there as well. (Image Source: Ella Olsson / Pexels)

Magnesium is also a big part of a healthy diet. Pumpkin seeds are perfect for this and should not be missing from your weight loss plan due to their high magnesium content.

Can pumpkin seeds be harmful?

In principle, pumpkin seeds are not harmful because they contain many important nutrients that the body needs and some of which cannot produce itself. However, if pumpkin seeds are consumed in large quantities, it can cause gastrointestinal disturbances. A bloated stomach, constipation and gastrointestinal complaints are the most widespread consequences. In very rare cases, allergic reactions can also occur, which then manifest themselves in a wide variety of forms, such as skin rashes.

In addition, pumpkin seeds are relatively delicate, which means that they can spoil relatively quickly. Therefore, rapid consumption is an advantage.

Is a certain amount of pumpkin seeds per day unhealthy?

There is no direct answer to this question, but it is said that you can eat around 50-70 grams per day. However, this also depends on your own physique and daily exercise. For athletes, 100 grams are not harmful. Basically, pumpkin seeds are not harmful, but due to their high iron content , you should not eat too many pumpkin seeds. Because too much iron can damage the regular intestinal cells and consequently end up in the blood.


In this report you have learned that pumpkin seeds are really true everyday heroes and are a great alternative to regular superfoods. In certain areas, such as in relation to increasing men's potency, there are still no studies that provide detailed evidence. Nevertheless, the intake of pumpkin seeds cannot be discouraged. But in other areas, like inhibiting cancer cells, pumpkin seeds are highly recommended and can make a difference.

Because pumpkin seeds are capable of many benefits in the body, it can be concluded that they are definitely healthy. They have a wide range of possible applications and can ultimately be integrated into every state of life for a healthy diet.


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