Making hexagonal water: the best tips & tricks

Hexagonales Wasser herstellen: Die besten Tipps & Tricks

Water - without it there would be no life. We all need it and therefore it is the most precious commodity on earth. The quality of the water is therefore particularly important. The focus is usually on pollutants and the like, but the structure of the water is crucial for the quality of the water. Because only hexagonally structured water can achieve the highest possible water quality.

In this article we would like to explain to you what hexagonal water is all about and why it is so important. We will also explain how you can make and consume hexagonal water yourself at home.

the essentials in brief

  • In hexagonal water, the water molecules are in connections with 60 degree angles. Thus, the molecules form hexagons.
  • Hexagonal water carries more energy and oxygen than regular water. It accelerates the metabolism, invigorates the body and provides relaxation.
  • Hexagonal water can be created either with the help of gemstones that come into contact with the water or with a water swirler that swirls the bonds of the water molecules.

Definition: What is hexagonal water?

Hexagonal water or also structured or revitalized water is water in which the water molecules are at 60 degree angles to each other and thus form hexagonal structures. It is the so-called fourth state of matter of water.

Hexagonal water is the natural shape of water found in mountain streams and sacred springs. However, if people are treated incorrectly, the drinking water from the tap or from the supermarket does not have a hexagonal structure, but the molecules are arranged at right angles.

Background: What you should know about the production of hexagonal water

There are many myths and, unfortunately, untruths about hexagonal water. Here we explain what hexagonal water really is and what is important in its production.

What structures can water have?

It is well known that water comes in three different forms. In a solid state as ice, in a liquid state as water, and in a gaseous state as water vapor. In addition to these three states, water can also have a fourth state of aggregation.

This fourth state of water is called liquid crystal.

This contains water with many hexagonally arranged molecules, one also speaks of structured water. This assumes a state of aggregation somewhere between the solid and the liquid state of water.

Why is structured water better than others?

Thanks to its hexagonal structure, structured water can absorb more energy than normal water. The structure also means that hexagonal water can be processed more easily by the body, as it needs the water in a hexagonal structure and therefore does not have to restructure the water.

Hexagonal water has a higher quality than regular water.

The water quality of structured water is significantly higher than that of other water. The oxygen content of this water is up to 50 percent higher and the conductivity is up to 30 percent lower. The water accelerates the metabolism and stimulates blood circulation.

In addition, structured water prevents the accumulation of harmful substances in the body. If these get into the body in structured water, the hexagonal structure binds the substances and does not release them again, so that the body can simply excrete the substances and they do not accumulate in the body.

How can I structure water?

There are basically two ways of structuring water, which we would like to briefly introduce to you below.

type of structuring Description
Stone structuring Water adopts hexagonal structures when it comes into contact with surfaces, especially those that also have hexagonal properties. In this way, some stones can structure the water and thus create hexagonal water when the water flows past them
Structuring by swirlers Water can be restored to its natural and original hexagonal state by a swirler by vigorously swirling it around. Here the unhealthy structures such as right angles are dissolved and when the water calms down it is back in its original form.

Both of these variants are successful in structuring water, although their approaches are very different.

Which stones can I use to structure water?

In order to be able to bring the water into a hexagonal structure, the stones used for this must have some special properties. Most gemstones are suitable for this process. Rock crystal, rose quartz, magnesite and amethyst, granite, as well as black tourmaline and red jasper are particularly recommended for water revitalization and structuring.

However, there are also some exceptions to gemstones that should definitely not be used to structure the water. If they come into contact with the water, they can contaminate it and make the water harmful to health. These stones are cinnabar and galena.

How does hexagonal water affect the body?

Hexagonal water stimulates and accelerates the metabolism. It also strengthens the immune system and ensures increased quality of life and well-being. Due to the additional energy that the water can absorb, consumption has a positive effect on the perceived energy level.

The structure of the water is very important for many body zones.

Hexagonal water has a positive influence on blood circulation, the feeling in muscles, joints and nerve cells and it ensures peaceful sleep. When not consumed, but applied to the body, it leads to relaxation and noticeably more vibrant skin.

How useful is the production of hexagonal water?

The many advantages and no disadvantages of hexagonal water are convincing in their entirety and in this respect it always makes sense to structure the drinking water in such a way that it is arranged hexagonally. The water helps against lack of energy and promotes well-being considerably.

However, you should be careful that no mistakes were made in the manufacture of the hexagonal water. Using the wrong stone can make the water dangerous to your health. If the structuring fails, the wrong structure of the water can lead to energy loss and discomfort.

Making hexagonal water: The best tips & tricks for high-quality water

The consumption of water is irreplaceable for us and thus the production of high quality water is extremely important. In this section we explain how you can best implement this and how you can produce the best water for you with the different variants.

Create hexagonal water using stones

Water can be structured and revitalized by bringing it into contact with stones. Most gemstones are suitable for this purpose, but rose quartz and rock crystal are the most popular. The stone transfers its external structure to the water and structures it in this way. It can also transfer minerals into the water, enriching it and making it better.

hexagonal water

In hexagonal water, the molecules lie in connections that resemble hexagons. These structures look exactly like those of honeycombs. (Image source: Gerd Altmann / pixabay)

Different stones ensure different effects of the water. It is therefore extremely important to find the right stone for you, with which the water is revitalized. If the water has been in contact with rose quartz, it carries more energy and donates it to the body. On the other hand, if it was in contact with sodalite, it leads to increased relaxation.

There are various ways of bringing the water into contact with the stone or stones, which we describe in the table below.

touch type Description
Stones in a glass carafe This is the classic variant. The stones are placed in a glass carafe and water is added. After the water has stood like this for a few hours, it is revitalized and structured. The disadvantage, however, is that as soon as the carafe is empty, it takes a few hours before new water is ready.
stone in line In this newer variant, the stone or stones are integrated into the water pipe. This usually happens before the water is distributed in the house. The tap water is guided past the stone and is structured in the process. However, it may be that the stone has to be exchanged at some point, which is a bit complicated with this variant.

Both of the variants listed above clearly have their own advantages and disadvantages. Structuring in the carafe is less complicated, integration in the line is significantly faster and more flexible. However, both methods lead to the goal of having revitalized and structured water and the decision as to which variant is used is entirely up to your preferences.

Create hexagonal water with water swirler

In its original form, water always has a hexagonal structure. However, man has changed this in recent decades, so that today hardly any water exists in its original form except in remote areas and springs that are considered sacred.

tap water

Water from the tap can be structured with the help of water swirlers by breaking the bonds between the water molecules and allowing them to return to their original shape. (Image source: Imani / unsplash)

Hexagonal Water can be crafted by swirling it. The whirling breaks the hydrogen bonds that hold the water molecules together and the water can return to its true form, the hexagonal arrangement.

There are three different approaches to swirling the water correctly, which we would now like to briefly introduce to you.

  • External water swirler: This approach follows a device that swirls bottled water from the tap or the supermarket. The device is operated either mechanically or by hand and allows a certain amount of water, the filling level, to return to its original shape.
  • Internal water swirler: With this variant, the swirler is integrated into the flow of the water pipe. This is usually done as an attachment for the faucet, but integration can also take place in the pipes. The tap water flows through the vortex as soon as it is switched on and structured water comes out of the tap.
  • Glass carafe: Certain glass carafes have a special shape that allows them to structure the water. Most of these carafes are curved several times. This creates a vortex when pouring and pouring from the carafe, which breaks up the bad structure of the water molecules and enables the return to its true form.

Of these variants, the attachment on the faucet is the most common. It's also very convenient because you don't have to worry about anything. However, it should be noted that only water from one tap is of high quality. Finally, it is worth noting that using a specially constructed glass carafe can be beautifully combined with the use of gemstones to make the water even better.


There are many different ways to structure water and create hexagonal revitalized water. All have advantages and disadvantages. In order to generate optimal water quality, however, it is not important which of these options you choose, just that you choose one.

Perfect water quality is the top priority for well-being and a beautiful life. Water is not only our most important consumer good, our body is also made up of 70 percent water. The structuring and revitalization of the water into hexagonal water gives the body energy and leads to relaxation.

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