Symptoms of hyperacidity: everything you need to know

Symptome bei einer Übersäuerung: Alles was man wissen muss

Acidification of the body can occur in both humans and animals. Hyperacidity during pregnancy should also not be underestimated and should be continuously examined if it occurs. We clarify which organs can be directly affected.

In the following lines we will inform you about the symptoms, the causes and a possible treatment. We will also describe how you can protect yourself preventively so that the acidification does not become too severe for your body.

the essentials in brief

  • In principle, our body regulates the acid-base balance itself, which means that complaints can occur less frequently. However, there are factors that can play a role in causing hyperacidity.
  • You have to distinguish between two different types of hyperacidity. There is a real hyperacidity, called acidosis, and a colloquial hyperacidity, called alkalosis.
  • Hyperacidity can occur in humans as well as in children. A wide variety of organs can be acidified and this can lead to subsequent problems.

Symptoms of hyperacidity: what you should know

When speaking of hyperacidity, one should always bear in mind that two different types must be distinguished. Doctors speak of real hyperacidity, which is also called acidosis. In this case, an immediate reaction is required as it represents a life-threatening metabolic disorder and the patient must be treated in the intensive care unit. Another form of hyperacidity is the so-called alkalosis, which only shows an increased acid load in the body.

Since the second form, the more harmless form, occurs more frequently, we deal with the questions and answers about alkalosis. All reported symptoms, causes and information on the subject of hyperacidity apply to both types (1).

What can cause hyperacidity?

Basically, the acid-base balance (2) is regulated by our body itself and you usually do not have to intervene. However, there are a number of factors that can contribute to triggering hyperacidity.

Hyperacidity can occur in the body for a variety of reasons.

Hyperacidity can therefore occur as a result of psychological stress, since the stress and feelings of dissatisfaction are transferred to the body. Furthermore, diet also plays a major role. If you don't eat foods that are highly acid-forming, hyperacidity can also occur. In addition, in some cases it is also assumed that high alcohol consumption, smoking or certain medications cause the disease, but this information should be used with caution (3) .

In which organs can hyperacidity occur?

Hyperacidity can occur in many organs and have an effect. In principle, almost all organs or parts of the body can be affected by hyperacidity and be plagued by subsequent symptoms. In the following we will show you the organs in which hyperacidity can occur most frequently.

  • Bone
  • musculature
  • blood
  • head / skin / hair and nails
  • stomach (4)
  • joints
  • heart (5)

How do I recognize that it is an overacidification?

Hyperacidity is an increased accumulation of acids in the body. However, this definition can only be used in the colloquial sense, since there is no real acidification in the body. Without acid in the body, such as hydrochloric acid in the stomach or in the vaginal environment, our organism cannot function. Various statements are made as to which signs are considered symptoms. The following are the symptoms which, according to complementary medicine, can indicate hyperacidity:

Signs/Symptoms physical complaints
listlessness Tired easily, lack of concentration
loss of appetite no feeling of hunger, nausea may occur
immunodeficiency the immune system is weakened, fatigue can occur
Pains Tensions can occur, body aches
blemishes the skin changes, acne can appear
hair loss the hair becomes brittle and stops growing

What other diseases are common in hyperacidity?

In the case of a very strong acidification of the various organs, secondary diseases can occur, which can be attributed to the high acidity in the body. The following are a few complaints that can occur (6,7):

  • The muscles can break down over time and lose flexibility, which means the risk of injury increases.
  • The level of potassium in the blood can increase, which in turn can have a negative effect on the heart's activity. Furthermore, the heart can also suffer from arrhythmias, which can have a bad effect on the entire organism and the oxygen supply.
  • Severe migraine attacks or tension can lead to headaches.
  • The skin can tend to become dry and cracked quickly. You are no longer immune to acne, eczema or fungi.
  • The hair and nails become unhealthy. Hair can fall out and nails can become brittle.
  • Rheumatism, arthritis or gout can occur in the joints. These diseases are associated with severe pain.
hair loss

Hair loss can be a result of acidosis. (Image source: Martin Slavolijubovski / Pixabay)

How can I protect myself from acute hyperacidity when the first symptoms appear?

One should always listen to the body, this is the best protection against some possible physical ailments. It's the same with hyperacidity, and the first step is to control your diet . Fatty food is often very tempting and may taste better for some, but it can also harm the body in the long term.

Therefore, it is better to switch from fat to low-fat food. You should also pay attention to the alkaline content of some foods. Fruits such as avocados and apricots as well as various types of vegetables such as carrots and sprouts have an alkaline effect on the organism.

Possible solution Description
Bullrich salt and Kaiser soda Find out more from the pharmacy or your doctor before taking it. In the event of symptoms, an alkaline agent with sodium bicarbonate (Kaiser-Natron and Bullrich-Salt) can be taken for a short time. There are different types in the pharmacy and it should be taken some time after meals.
excrete acid You can actively counteract hyperacidity with physical activities that make you sweat. Sauna sessions and ongoing sports activities help to eliminate the acids through sweat and breath.
Relaxation The acid-base balance can also be brought back into harmony through a wide variety of relaxation exercises or targeted energy work. A change in lifestyle can often have a positive effect on hyperacidity. A little walk, yoga and stress management can have an immediate impact.
luxury goods Alcohol and smoking to a large extent almost always ends up being harmful, so it can also lead to hyperacidity. Therefore, avoid high-proof or acidic alcoholic beverages and limit your smoking habit to a minimum.

Who is acidosis most common in?

Gout and pain patients, osteoporosis patients and diabetics are most frequently affected by hyperacidity. Furthermore, renal insufficiency patients and rheumatism patients can experience hyperacidity for a variety of reasons. Seniors and athletes who practice competitive sports on a daily basis are also at risk. Hyperacidity therefore often occurs when the immune system or the body in general is already somewhat weakened (8) .

What symptoms can children experience?

The children often seem weak and listless, so you can tell immediately that something might be wrong. Physical changes can also occur, such as severe hair loss or impure skin.

The symptoms are the same in both children and adults.

The immune system can suffer greatly and the children no longer have an appetite. It is important to pay attention to these signs and react immediately if a symptom occurs.

Is hyperacidity harmful during pregnancy?

Hyperacidity is by no means harmful to the child in the stomach, but you should react immediately at the first sign. Usually, at the beginning of pregnancy, you are advised of certain unhealthy foods for the baby that you should not eat. During pregnancy, you should therefore eat more alkaline-forming foods and pay attention to your daily vitamin intake. If you have major concerns, this should definitely be clarified with your gynecologist or in the pharmacy.

What are the symptoms of hyperacidity in pets?

Hyperacidity is present in dogs and cats when they are very listless and listless. However, the opposite, hyperactivity, can also be a sign of an unbalanced acid-base balance. Arthritis or arthrosis are also diseases that can indicate hyperacidity. You can also see it in the eyes or ears of the animal if they are constantly infected or plagued by small ailments.

Which parts of the body can be affected by hyperacidity in dogs?

As in humans, the same body parts and organs can be affected in animals. Hyperacidity can therefore make itself felt very strongly in a wide variety of areas. You should therefore pay close attention to any abnormalities in the animals.

dogs and cats

Dogs and cats can also be affected by hyperacidity. If you have any signs, be sure to consult a veterinarian. (Image Source: Dife88 / Pixabay)


Hyperacidity is therefore nothing unusual and should not initially be considered life-threatening when speaking of alkalosis. The body of humans as well as animals is used to bringing itself into harmony again and again. The acid-base balance should therefore always be in balance and with the help of the aids mentioned, this can also be brought back into order quickly.

If you have any concerns or any unexplained physical ailments, you should always consult a doctor for advice as this can help identify which part of the body is involved in detail. The treatment can therefore be better tailored to the individual body. You should always eat a balanced diet, eat alkaline foods from time to time and exercise one or two days a week.


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