Vitamin deficiency: you should pay attention to this

Vitaminmangel: Das solltest du beachten

People often suffer from the symptoms of fatigue, hair loss, irritability and much more without realizing that a vitamin deficiency can be the cause. Vitamin deficiency can affect any of us, for example through poor nutrition or too little exercise. Affected people often do not know how to recognize such a vitamin deficiency and how it becomes noticeable.

Because of this, we have explained the vitamin deficiency in this article and want to go against different backgrounds of the vitamin deficiency. In the following you will also learn more about helpful tips, tricks and home remedies to identify and remedy a vitamin deficiency.

the essentials in brief

  • Vitamin deficiency can affect anyone and manifests itself through a wide variety of symptoms.
  • The most common symptoms of vitamin deficiency are, for example, fatigue, headaches, hair loss and brittle nails.
  • Vitamin deficiency can be diagnosed by a doctor's test and can then be remedied with various preparations.

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Definition: What is vitamin deficiency?

Vitamin deficiency is understood to mean the expression of a disease and many associated ailments that arise from the lack of vitamins that are essential for the body. As a result of a lack of intake of important vitamins, various diseases can develop, which often manifest themselves as headaches, tiredness and hair loss .

A sufficient amount of vitamins is extremely important for the functioning of our body. The task of the vitamins is the correct processing of carbohydrates, proteins and minerals. It is also important to recognize a vitamin deficiency quickly so that we can quickly strengthen our immune system again.

Background: What you should know about a vitamin deficiency

So that the most important questions in relation to a vitamin deficiency are now clarified for you, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions here and answered them in detail. In this way you can acquire a broad overview of the background to a vitamin deficiency.

How does a vitamin deficiency arise?

Vitamin deficiency can have different causes, which cannot always be clearly assigned to a vitamin deficiency. To eliminate the doubts, a blood test by the doctor is essential to be able to determine the amount of vitamins in the blood. The supply of important vitamins and a balanced and healthy diet is an important building block for our health and the body.

Vitamin deficiencies are often caused by an incorrect and unhealthy diet, which leads to an undersupply of important vitamins.

The most common cause of a vitamin deficiency is a one-sided and wrong diet. This can lead to an undersupply of essential vitamins. This is often promoted by diets, for example. In addition, various diseases such as cancer, diabetes, kidney function disorders and various intolerances can lead to a vitamin deficiency.(1)

How do I recognize a vitamin deficiency?

A vitamin deficiency can best be diagnosed by a doctor taking a blood test. The number of different vitamins in the blood can then be determined and a deficiency of these can be detected. It is therefore advisable to always contact a doctor if you suspect a vitamin deficiency in order to be able to discuss this with him.

However, the vitamin deficiency can also be perceived by various symptoms. In the next question we have answered which symptoms these are and how they manifest themselves.

What are the other symptoms of a vitamin deficiency?

When you suffer from a vitamin deficiency, it often manifests itself through different types of symptoms. The first signs can take the form of tiredness, increased headaches and mild circulatory problems.(2)

In addition, there are a large number of other symptoms of a vitamin deficiency. To give you an easier overview, we have created a table below in which you can find other common symptoms associated with a corresponding vitamin deficiency.

vitamin type symptoms
Vitamin A dry skin and eyes
vitamin C fatigue and joint pain
Vitamin D muscle weakness and nervousness
vitamin E Poor concentration and tiredness
Vitamin B1 circulatory problems
Vitamin B2 skin rash
Vitamin B5 increased headaches
biotin hair loss and brittle nails

Please note that these symptoms are not always caused by a vitamin deficiency. We therefore always recommend contacting a doctor so that the cause can be clarified quickly.(3)

Which vitamins are important for a body in case of vitamin deficiency?

As you can already see from the table in the previous question, there are various vitamins that ensure optimal maintenance of health and well-being in the body. Depending on which vitamin deficiency you have, you should pay more attention to the intake of this vitamin.

It is best to check with your doctor what kind of vitamins you are missing. Of course, you can also weigh up which vitamin you might be missing based on your symptoms.

What to do after detecting a vitamin deficiency?

If you now suspect a vitamin deficiency or if your doctor has already confirmed this, it is recommended that you buy foods or dietary supplements that cover your vitamin needs.

Orange, lemon and tablets

Vitamin deficiencies are easy to treat. Whether through a healthy and balanced diet or by taking dietary supplements. (Image Source: Polina Tankilevitch / Pexels)

You will often get a prescription for certain preparations or a nutrition plan from your doctor directly after the diagnosis. This is the best way to ensure that your vitamin deficiency is corrected as quickly as possible.(4)

How do I fix a vitamin deficiency?

A vitamin deficiency can often be easily remedied without further complications. Either you focus on changing your diet plan with foods rich in vitamins or you supplement your previous diet with food supplements and vitamin tablets .(5)

Fortunately, a vitamin deficiency can be remedied quickly, so that your immune system is strengthened again quickly and your side effects of the vitamin deficiency disappear again. The vitamin deficiency can therefore be counteracted well.

Vitamin deficiency: The best tips & tricks to prevent vitamin deficiency

Of course, there are also ways to prevent a vitamin deficiency so that it doesn't even occur in the first place. We would therefore like to give you tips and tricks in this section on how you can prevent a vitamin deficiency.

medical consultation

Especially since a vitamin deficiency can of course be prevented by consulting a doctor. You can have your doctor draw up an individual nutrition plan for you so that you can always cover your vitamin needs.

This ensures that you are never lacking in a specific vitamin. So it's highly recommended to see a doctor if you want to prevent a vitamin deficiency.(6)

home remedies

In addition to a medical consultation, it is also possible to rely on well-tried home remedies to prevent a vitamin deficiency. Here, of course, a distinction is made between many home remedies. We have therefore selected the two best home remedies for you and summarized them.

Home remedies to boost the immune system

In order for your immune system to be strengthened, vitamin C is particularly important. A very well-known and popular home remedy here is the consumption of foods rich in vitamin C.

These include, for example, citrus fruits, omega 3 capsules , kale, kiwi and peppers. You can therefore make sure to eat one of the foods once a day or to cook a delicious meal with it. This is how you can optimally strengthen your immune system without complications.(7)

Home remedies to improve blood circulation

Another home remedy that's widely used for vitamin deficiencies is boosting the amount of vitamin E in our bodies through foods like nuts , wheat germ oil, avocados, and red cabbage.(8)

With this food you can increase the content of vitamin E and thus ensure better blood circulation in your body.

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As you can see, a vitamin deficiency can have many causes with which a large number of symptoms can occur. It is not always clear if there is a vitamin deficiency or if the symptoms may be due to another disease.

It is therefore very clear that we recommend that you always consult a doctor if you notice any signs, as he can give better medical advice. Nevertheless, you can ensure a healthy and balanced intake of vitamins.


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